I am excited to educate and motivate your team, school, or you to greater heights.


Let's get you focused and inspired with a complimentary "Clarity Power" worksheet.

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Fit, Focused, and Fired Up!

Mark believes that fitness and focusing on your personal growth allows you to live a vibrant life.

Certified High Performance Coach

Mark is a Certified High Performance Coach under one of the worlds top coaches, Brendon Burchard.

Self-Defense Expert

Mark is a certified self-defense instructor under one of the leading self-defense programs in the world.

Character Education/Bully Prevention/Top School

Mark is the owner and head instructor of one of the top martial arts schools in the country with over 400 students and a leading character/bullying education expert.

Training for Warriors

Mark is a certified strength and conditioning coach under Martin Rooney. Martin Rooney is one of the worlds top fitness and motivators.

Giving is Living!

Mark is a huge believer that the secret to living a fulfilled life is to give back. Giving back to the less fortunate is what drives him.

High School Sweetheart

Mark is married to his high school sweatheart Jamie Moore. Together they have built a life of happiness, success, and giving back.